Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Master Debater

I really do feel bad outsourcing commentary right now, but I can't stress enough how, well, stressed I am during the day as a deadline on a project I'm working on is fast approaching.

With that in mind, here's Jon Stewart last night rightly losing his mind over not just Newt Gingrich's almost sociopathic hypocrisy and utter lack of shame but the testicularly challenged John King's unwillingness to call him out on it.


dick_gozinia said...

John King got his nuts handed to him on a platter by Newt. He should be ashamed of himself and CNN should bar him from talking to anyone ever again.

Chez said...

Exactly. You got bitch-slapped by Newt Gingrich. Newt Fucking Gingrich. The easiest target in the world -- a pompous windbag whose own personal history gives you so much ammo as for any adversarial interaction with him to be a flat-out slaughter.

Steven D Skelton said...

This happy, successful and well adjusted Chez just isn't working for me anymore. Yeah....I'm gonna need you to go back to Miami and be the miserable, jaded son-of-a bitch I've looked forward to reading every morning.

Steven D Skelton said...

King deserved to get pummeled for that question...and I don't give a flying fuck about Newt's hypocrisy.

Look, we have a 15 trillion dollar debt. We have a 1.2ish trillion dollar deficit. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world. We have 9% unemployment. Our middle class is disappearing before our eyes. Our students are falling behind those of the third world countries. We have troops spread all over the fucking globe. We arrested over a million people for possession of weed last year. There are 20 million illegal aliens running around our country. Across our southern boarder is a lawless land ruled by violent drug cartels.

And that is just off the top of my head.

Whether Newt was a dickhead to his previous wife just doesn't mean a fucking thing as far as I'm concerned, and whether or not Newt is a hypocrite is a dried turd in the corner of the garage to me. I don't give a fuck.

I'm behind Gary Johnson, and to be honest I'd rather have four more years of BHO than Newt. BUT....Newt was absolutely fucking right. John King did us all a dis-service and I'm glad he got his dick handed to him.

Chez said...

First of all, fuck yourself, Skelton. : ) I'm good with happy and mildly well-adjusted. As for your other comment -- it shouldn't have been the first question out of King's mouth, but he absolutely should've asked it someplace and he abso-fucking-lutely should've handed Newt his self-righteous ass on a platter for such a horseshit-indignant answer.

Chris said...

When is Jon Stewart going to moderate a debate? At least we won't be laughing at their hypocrisy, but actual comedy.

CNNfan said...

Making a play for ratings is worth the risk. Judging from the reaction here, it worked.

John King was just emulating Juan Williams, who got Newt Gingrich a standing ovation during the presidential debate.

N. Jessup said...

The absolute genius of Jon Stewart is to play role of "everyman", questioning candidates wealth, etc..., all the while rolling in bank to the tune of $100 mil.

And none of the sheeple question a thing.


Chez said...

Right. Because how much money he personally makes has any bearing at all on the points he's making. No one's bitching about wealth and no one's saying it's wrong to be rich. His comments are directed solely at their corruption and hypocrisy.

I get the impression that you're the "genius" there, Jessup.

N. Jessup said...

I understand the making a mockery of mockery, but do you get being hypocritical when pointing out hypocrisy?

Stewart has been railing on the personal wealth of Romney for some time now (E.g. How Do You Justify Making The U.S. Median Annual Income In A Day?) all the while sitting on top of a tidy sum himself.

I am not a Romney supporter, but I do make it a habit of filtering everything that comes out of my television, no matter how it is packaged.

Steven D Skelton said...

Colonel Jessup

Of course it's hypocritical, but so what?

I've said it before to Chez and I'll say it to you. Pointing out people's hypocrisy is like pointing out that the sky is blue.

With the exception of those who don't believe in right and wrong, every single one of us is a hypocrite. Every single politician is a hypocrite. Every single media personality is a hypocrite. Every single blogger is a hypocrite. Every single blog commenter is a hypocrite.

Chez said...

It's interesting. You string words together like someone who has some idea what the hell he's talking about but you're lost when it comes to the overall point.

Stewart isn't griping about the fact that Romney is wealthy -- and neither is anyone else worth listening to, for that matter. He's griping about the way Romney has accumulated and managed his wealth and the fact that he's attempting to lead the United States of America during a time of quite a bit of suffering for millions while he himself is the walking, talking personification of the very business ethos that got us into this mess to begin with.

And Stewart doesn't imply that he's an "everyman" -- as Romney laughably attempts to on occasion -- you simply infer it. There's a very big difference.

Mart said...

SDS & Jessup,

What would be an acceptable approach for Stewart to take? To be a shameless shill for his rich and famous contemporaries? You can always turn on the millionaire comedians at Fox News for that.

SDS - think you are from STL - see you at the Vets parade Saturday?

Steven D Skelton said...


I really don't have any opinion on what approach Stewart should or shouldn't take. It's his show and he's having great success with it.

Yes, I am in St. Louis... but I won't be at the parade. I heard it's going to be fantastic though.

I'm self employed with three kids...two of which are under 18 months old. Having time to go to a parade is nothing more than a dream to me right now. I hope you have a good time though.