Friday, January 20, 2012

Listening Post

Some of you may remember that several months back I posted a song from Mimi Page that I couldn't stop enthusing about, mostly because of the fact that it moved me in indescribable ways.

Well, Mimi wrote to me not long after that and sent me some of her other stuff. She's a sweetheart and it's all great -- so with that in mind I'm more than thrilled to pop up the title track from her new record.

This is Breathe Me In.

Breathe Me In by Mimi Page


TK said...


Mimi Page said...

Aw, thank you for posting Chez! You rock. Love your blog too :)


Chez said...

Thanks right back, Mimi. : )

VOTAR said...

This is really nice.

kanye said...

My wife just leaned over my shoulder and asked, "Is that Katharine McPhee?"

I'm wondering if you get that often?

btw-This is lovely.