Thursday, January 05, 2012

Current Main Event

It's tough to take anything Hamilton Nolan says seriously simply because every time I see his byline in Gawker I'm immediately reminded that he looks like the product of about six generations of brothers and sisters having sex with each other.

Still, his take this morning on the bitter feud brewing between -- wait for it -- Keith Olbermann and (insert employer here) Current TV is pretty dead-on, at least insofar as it offers a warning to anyone else inexplicably considering bringing the toxic cloud that is Olbermann into his or her workplace.

Once again, Keith is engaged in a very public fight with his bosses and once again it's everyone's fault but Keith's. At this point, hiring Olbermann is like dating me: Yeah, it's got its occasional moments of brilliance and bliss, but there's just too much well-documented history for you to want to seriously consider it. As they say, 50,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong.

Gawker: "Keith Olbermann: Not Worth It" by Hamilton Nolan/1.5.12


Anonymous said...

I know that Olbermann can be obnoxious, but in this case he is absolutely right. The production values on Current are shit. Sitting on a sub-par set with Cenk, Granholm and Gore - none of who are professional broadcasters - would be painful to watch, let alone moderate. If they're calling him the news director then he should have a lot more control over who is hired as on-air talent. Clearly, he isn't being given that control. It's too bad, because for all of his notorious ego faults, he is still the best there is. No one can touch him as far as on-air broadcasting. I will be sad to see him go, but alas, that seems to be the path he's on.

Chez said...

Olbermann can't get along with anyone. That said, yes, he would be right if he's pissed because the production values at Current suck -- and by that I don't just mean the technology, I mean that, as you said, he's forced to share the stage with a mush-mouthed boob like Cenk. The interesting thing is that Dave Bohrman is in charge of bringing that network together right now, and he was CNN DC's production god. I wonder sometimes if he's regretting making the move himself.

Riles said...

Was going to say the same thing, Anon. I tried watching the show a couple times but 1) I'm a bit of a tv snob these days and it's hard to watch non-HD programming 2) The production values... I have a hard time with the satellite delays on MSNBC, and Current has a long way to go to even get to that point.

And, Cenk!

Also, if Keith really is "Chief News Officer" you would think he wouldn't need to agree to terms. He should be able to shape the coverage as he sees fit. But everyone has a boss, and KO doesn't like bosses, so here we are. Again.

Mark said...

After seeing some of the Iowa coverage from CNN, where stacks of TV dollars were clearly spent, I'd have to say that high production values are not what I look for first in a news program.

Similarly, I don't watch Keith to nurture a dream that he'll someday be my BFF, so I don't worry much about whether his off-camera manners are polished. I suspect a lot of the work I admire is produced by people I might not personally care for.

And finally, if the internet has taught me anything, it's that any group of 50 million people CAN be wrong, easily.

Ref said...

Take it easy on Nolan. He just looks Irish. try Republican wonder boy Reince Priebus on for looks. He's got "Dugger" written all over his pasty mug.