Friday, January 27, 2012

The Bob & Chez Show After Party 1.27.12

Download a 3-minute Clip from This Week’s Show (1MB)

This week’s show: Drinking and Math Don’t Mix; The Science of Hangovers; Disgusting Bloody Blog Photos; Paula Deen Shocked by Backlash, Eats Gigantic Burger; Tattoos; David Lee Roth Won’t Shut Up; The Steven Weber Tweets of the Week with the Actual Steven Weber; Misleading Headlines; There Is No G-Spot; and more!

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JackDanieL said...

dude if you submit that David Lee Roth sound clip to BadLipReading, it might come back as quantum electrodynamics

I laughed my ass off at the whole show, both of em
Awesome stuff

60ft6in said...