Thursday, December 08, 2011

Yellow Journalism

I may not be a fan of Pam Bondi's politics, but God bless her sense of humor. Yesterday, The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi ambushed wildly unpopular Florida governor and Close Encounters mothership supreme emissary Rick Scott, asking him at a press conference if he'd be willing to pee into a cup right then and there to prove he's not on drugs.

Bondi, maybe sensing that she'd be The Daily Show's next target since she's Scott's partner in crime -- not in the literal sense, although he really does have plenty of those -- planned ahead, just in case. Sure enough, when Mandvi popped the same question on her today, she was ready.

"Pulling out a plastic cup, Bondi responded: 'Well, that’s very interesting that you should say that. Because as attorney general, I’m always prepared,' she said, according to the Miami Herald.

'You have a sample of your urine!' Mandvi replied. 'Is this really your urine?'

“Thank you, have a great day,” Bondi replied, as she walked away. “My name is on the top.”

But Mandvi had a suspicion. Surely Bondi wouldn’t just be toting around a jar of her own urine, would she? The Herald reports:

As his camera crew returned, he looked at the cup. 'It says Pam Bondi. I don’t know if it’s really urine though.' He smelled it. 'It’s apple juice.' He tasted it. 'It’s apple juice.'

His cameraman noted, 'She’s a pretty woman.' Mandvi agreed. 'She just has incredibly beautiful smelling urine.'"

So, yeah, good for her.

By the way, Pam Bondi actually is pretty damn hot. I'd totally drink her pee. But that probably says more about me than it does about her.


Liz said...

If you started drinking urine, we could call you Chez Grylls.

Huh, that sounded way funnier in my head.

Claude Weaver said...

That doesn't say any more about you that we didn't already suspect.

Good news? You are not alone in your desires. Take that as well or as frightening as you wish.

pea said...

Geez, Chez, is there anyone's urine you wouldn't drink?

And what's with all the apple juice as a substitute for urine going on these days? Am I the only one who doesn't have urine that resembles apple juice? DAMN YOU, VITAMIN C!

Ref said...

Hmmmm. The original last scene of "Return Of The King" had Sauron appearing as a beautiful angel before reverting to monstrous form. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Obligatory Rock N Roll High School Forever reference