Friday, December 30, 2011

Yeah, That Boycott's Gonna Work Great

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paleotectonics said...

NOOOOOOO! Not Russell and Katy! 30something ex-drug addict/current sex addict who dresses like every 70's glam rocker in Britain and does extremely self-obsessed comedy (but funny) and movies (also sporadically funny)paired with the barely old enough to drink preacher's daughter ex-christian singer/current MTV face-of-the-week who dresses in as little as possible and does Linda Perry rip-off pop songs (that aren't terrible) and at least one video that nearly caused a divorce in my household (I'm not proud, but it was hot)? These crazy kids couldn't make it? Why, I oughtta...

(Must stop reading Yahoo news. There is no reason whatsoever that I should know that stuff.)

(Maher can be a screwball with the anti-vax/flouride stuff, but politically/culturally he is sharp, and this week he was on fire. This is a beaut!)