Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where the Wind Comes Sweeping

Reconsidering stopping in OKC. May blow straight through -- so to speak -- and onto Route 66.


Crossed into Oklahoma at 11:30AM CT. 1,313 total miles traveled.

Most Recently on the Playlist:

BT -- Good Morning Kaia

The Dead Weather -- Treat Me Like Your Mother

Elton John -- Tiny Dancer


Anonymous said...

I am a constant reader and am on your facebook. If you stop in Oklahoma City for the night, hit me up on FB, my name is Ace Hare, maybe we can go grab a tasty adult beverage this evening. It would be a pleasure to meet you and have what would surely be a great conversation.

Liz said...

I am seriously pouting because I live about 4 hours away from OKC in MO. *sigh*

countryjoe said...

Just finished reading The Girl With Dragon Tattoo and plan on seeing the movie on Monday. Looking forward to it. Starting the Girl Who Played With Fire this evening.
What do you think is your average driving speed?

CNNfan said...

No more grunge photos, please! Take a break from driving, clean up your act, and then take a snapshot of yourself.

Oh, meant to ask you... Are you wearing diapers like the astronauts do when they go on a mission?

Just kidding you, Chez! You look great after 1300 miles.
But please be careful not to doze off behind the wheel.

Jen said...

I lived in OKC for 8 months. That's long enough for both of us. Hope you kept moving.