Friday, December 09, 2011

Quote of the Day

"That all sounds well and good until you realize fantasizing about Justin Bieber is a gateway drug to joining a tween murder army, so you really have to ask yourself: Would you prefer your daughter to be on an FBI watch list for attempting to replace Selena Gomez’s uterus with a Polly Pocket playset or getting diddled by the shithead next door with the earring? I’m genuinely asking because this one looks like a coin toss to me. 'Alright, heads, you can murder a Disney Channel star. Tails, we put you on the pill and let Joey come over, so, just between you and daddy, I’m rooting for heads. Here we go!'"

-- The Superficial, on the promotional video for Justin Bieber's new cologne in which the tween idol and object of everyone else's seething hatred tries to show fathers the bright side of their daughters' lust for him, which is that at least they're not banging "Joey" next door

I think I'd go with choice number two. The next door neighbor I could get close enough to to kill. Plus I think a worship of Bieber would be infinitely worse for her in the big picture -- and more embarrassing for her father.


Ref said...

Run, Inara, RUN!

Chez said...

I think she'll be fine.

Liz said...

After watching the video you posted of her engaging in some serious headbanging (with the obligatory goldfish break to refuel) I think you are safe. I was so relieved that my kids didn't pick up on the shitty taste in music that seems to be encoded in my sister's DNA. I would have dropped the kids at the nearest rest stop and drove away if I had to listen to fucking Toby Keith or High School Musical. *shudder*

Nick said...

Our girls listen to most every genre; XM-satelite radio piped into the house. They pick stations at random. Not a one of them, surprisingly enough, plays any Bieber.

Though the eldest - 8 - has heard of him, the 6 yer old could care less.

Right now the girl's favorite dance tune is ELO's Don't Bring Me Down...Bruce!, followed closely by the Jungle Book's I Want to Be like You.

Chez said...

Except that "Bruce" isn't what Jeff Lynne says there. Still, good on your kids.

Nick said...

Ah...yeah; waiting 'til they're older for that.

Tho...funny thing...there are some songs where I din't know/hear the exact lyrics clearly for, well, in some cases, decades.

Brue may well fall into that category.

Which would be what, d'ya think? Willful ignorance, emotional blockage, mumbling or just plain bad hearing?