Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Picture of the Day

Overcome by grief at the death of "Dear Leader," mourners openly weep and gnash their teeth at the memorial service for Kim Jong Il today in North Korea -- and I laugh and laugh and laugh.

Which reminds me, I hope everyone's seen this by now:


Anonymous said...,14305/

Made when he was still alive but another funny mock-up of the insanity that is NK.

doc said...

Sure, nuts over there. But then again, look how the Princess Diana stuff was a similar ape-shit crazy orgy of public grief.

Anonymouse said...

Agreed Doc, at least the people of North Korea have a fucking excuse, they are indoctrinated from the barrel of a gun from the moment they leave the womb...what is our excuse? I mean, I saw the same damn behavior for the death of MJ.

Funny side note, years ago, the North agreed to send over the bodies of a bunch of kidnapped Japanese civilians and allow some of the survivors to meet with family members at an airport in Japan, with the express understanding that after an hour, the Japanese government would just hand back over their kidnapped citizens. Obviously that didn't happen and the Norths were pissed. But the really funny thing was that the bodies they turned over weren't even Japanese. They were parts of dozens of bodies, some as young as 10 years old, with some bones of dogs thrown in there, that the Norths just threw in boxes. They obviously just dug up one of their mass graves. What they didn't realize was that DNA existed.

The scary thing about the North isn't the rank and file believing the bullshit (that happens everywhere), but that the higher ups of the country have to believe it too. That makes them crazy scary.