Monday, December 26, 2011

Listening Post

The last leg of the road trip begins this morning. I'm giving up my posh hotel room in Vegas in favor of getting back into my now sparkling clean car and back onto the highway for the three-hour desert drive to L.A.

Here's Phantom Planet's California.

This has been an adventure, which is exactly what I wanted.


Anonymous said...

3 hours? Is there a flux capacitor in your car?

Last time I did that trip, at the end of Thanksgiving weekend, it took ten, thanks to the miles of traffic with alternate route options. Although today everybody will be going the other way I'd guess, escaping family for the loving embrace of surreality.

CNNfan said...

How's your hangover doing after drinking
all yesterday morning, mourning?

Ref said...

C'mon, Chez. How about a story on Christmas in Vegas?

Chez said...

Yeah, it's actually about a four-hour drive. Although being a holiday week, there was almost no traffic for a change.