Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Listening Post

A good night's sleep followed by a cup of early-morning coffee with my hotel room benefactor, Josh, who's a terrific guy I can't thank enough. Almost time to hit the road again, heading west toward Oklahoma City where I'll likely stop for lunch and to see an afternoon showing of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Beyond that, who knows? Why make plans?

Here's Morcheeba's Enjoy the Ride.


Josh Myers said...

Hey Chez,

I used to live in OKC. You should hit up Ted's Cafe Escodido for lunch, if you get the chance. The chicken fajitas and tortillas are out of this world, and they've got excellent service. Great Tex-Mex. There's a few locations, but the one closest to the road is just south of 240 on Western:

8324 South Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73139-9214

Give it a shot if it sounds like your kind of food. It's the one restaurant we *have* to go to whenever we go back.

Safe travels.

IrishGirl said...

Tell us what you think of the movie...I saw the European version and read the books...wasn't happy they decided to make an American version.

Enjoying your road trip posts...