Thursday, December 15, 2011

Listening Post

Yup, I'm gonna continue to post just about anything of decent quality that I can get my hands on from this band, because they really are one of my favorites these days. I want to cuddle with Genevieve Schatz. Is that creepy?

Here's Company of Thieves doing Nothing's in the Flowers live in-studio.

(Not long after I posted this on Facebook, someone else sent me this. And it just made my morning. Dear God is it good.)


Sean said...

She (the whole band, really) is worth every ounce of adoration. Also, she's almost incomprehensibly tiny and adorable in person.

Chez said...

I just love her so much.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Ya, pretty fabulous. The band and the girl. Chez, stop looking at her jumping up and down!

IrishGirl said...

Wow, I'm loving this band. Thanks Chez! What I wouldn't give to get that smoky sound to my voice, except for literally smoking I couldn't handle.