Friday, December 09, 2011

Listening Post

After posting Papa Roach's Getting Away with Murder yesterday, I decided to go grab the song from iTunes and was promptly sucked down the "Listeners Also Bought" hole. And that eventually led me to Chevelle.

These guys have always been one step above their post-grunge contemporaries, mostly because they're from Chicago -- which means that unimaginably catchy hooks were built into their DNA at conception -- and they've forgone the tough-guy, we-write-songs-specifically-aimed-at-becoming-WWE-entrance-themes act.

Here's a good example. It's Vitamin R (Leading Us Along).


schemata said...

If you haven't yet, grab Chevelle's "Vena sera." Puts all the stuff before it (save for the tracks 'send the pain below,' and 'the red') to shame. :)

FabMax said...

Wow. They haven't copied Tool at all, haven't they?

Angela Lucier said...

Love these guys. I agree with schemata^..."I Get It" is a great song. The album Wonder What's Next will always be my favorite though.