Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Peachy

Clermont, FL: To see this appear in my rearview mirror and pull alongside me -- it's gotta be a sign. Kowalski is with me.

Outside Leesburg, FL: Whoa. I had no idea. If I can get a full physical that includes a finger in my ass, I'm totally in.

A gas station in Ocala, FL: And you thought the freakshow was outside in the parking lot.

Welcome to Georgia.


Left Sebring, FL at 7:42AM. Crossed the Georgia line at 12:53PM. 269 miles total.

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Middle Class Rut -- USA

The Black Keys -- Lonely Boy

Lykke Li -- Get Some


Claude Weaver said...

Yep, that's my home state for ya. And people wonder why I don't leave the confines of northern Ga more often.

You may not be able to see me, but I'm waving at ya from the ATL.

IrishGirl said...

Ocala IS the freak show! I was there for 8 weeks training to be a correctional probation officer. I swore that Ocala was indian for "you are here and you are screwed".