Tuesday, December 06, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Red

No sooner had I mentioned Fox News's lunatic bent toward victimization at the hands of the great liberal conspiracy than this nonsense popped into my in-box. Yeah, I know I'm actually a day late with it. I had a thing.

The Hollywood Reporter: Fox Business Host Calls Muppets Communist/12.5.11

I'd put it up as a Quote of the Day, but Eric Bolling is such a ridiculous self-parody that he isn't even worth it. Speaking of which, is it worth mentioning that the new Muppets movie was released by Disney, which is one of the most soullessly conservative corporate behemoths on the planet, to the point where Walt himself, were he alive today, probably would've delighted in setting Occupy Wall Street protesters on fire while kicking an immigrant in the balls.


Nick said...

Took my girls to see the new Muppet movie over the weekend; part clever deconstruction of their own mythos, part insider jokes, part musical, all muppets all the time...what more could little kids ask for?

Bolling is what he is.

hilz said...

I especially like that they lumped Muppets & Sesame Street together like it's a giant fucking furry puppet conspiracy.

alopecia said...

"… this nonsense popped into my in-box."

I have a weird brain, so I first read that as "… this nonsense pooped into my in-box."

Works both ways, actually.

Thomas B said...

They're like the bored housewives of the '60s and '70s who imagined The Devil under every bed.

In a weird way, I kind of feel sorry for them - are their lives so fucking empty they can't enjoy anything at all anymore? A bit like that petty jerk who blogged about the absence of "God" in President Obama's Thanksgiving YouTube speech. Rather than enjoy his own Thanksgiving, he took to the Internet immediately to grouse on and on and on about how godless Obama is. It's amazing these people get anything done at all, ever, being so easily offended.

Villemar said...

Did you notice how he completely misunderstood The Matrix by seeing Agent Smith as the protagonist, ie. humans are a virus? What a completely fucking unenlightened shithead. Reminded me of that backwards-assed inbred bucktoothed congressman that was upset by the networks showing Shindler's List because there was nudity in it.