Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 25 Best Singles of 2011 (15-11)

15. Ryan Adams -- Lucky Now

Six years after the hopeless heartbreak of Love Is Hell, Ryan Adams found a fragile optimism -- and the result was beautiful.

14. Foo Fighters -- Walk

Grohl and Company's exhilarating anthem about finding your footing and moving on was everything we've come to expect from them. And even though many called Wasting Light their most cogent album in years, the reality is that it merely cemented what we already knew: that over the course of 17 years, the Foo Fighters have quite possibly become the best band in rock and roll.

13. Florence + The Machine -- What the Water Gave Me

Florence + The Machine are evolving at a nearly miraculous pace, and the lead-off single to their 2011 album, Ceremonials, proved it in spades. Dark, lovely and dripping with mystery, it signified Florence Welch and her band as no mere flash in the pan.

12. Chase & Status -- Hitz

Dubstep gods Chase & Status teamed with 2011 breakout rapper Tinie Tempah and the result was one of the most authoritative and aggressive British DJ concoctions since the Prodigy slammed the planet with Firestarter.

11. The Joy Formidable -- Whirring

Fronted by a tiny, blonde force-of-nature named Ritzy Bryan, the Joy Formidable cranked out the most surprising single of the year simply because it gave you catchy, irresistible pop for most of its length -- then degenerated into a raw sonic blast at the end. The Big Roar was probably the most apt title for an album you were likely to find in 2011, given that this band sounds like a tour bus crash between My Bloody Valentine and Pantera.

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