Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Sacrilege

I wasn't going to bother with this since, generally, "Fundamentalist Christian + Insanely Terrified of Your Own Shadow = Just Another Day at the Office." But then CNN posted an actual interview with the Georgia guy who recently got fired because he refused to wear a little sticker that happened to have the number 666 on it, because, of course, that would be accepting the Mark of the Beast on his person -- and I just had to run with it.

Why? Because it's everything you'd expect and more. And that makes it hilarious.

Seriously, how do these people even make it through an average day without pouring water directly into light sockets or accidentally running themselves over with their own cars?


Anonymous said...

As ridiculous as this man is, I fervently hope he wins. Fired for not wearing a fuckin' sticker? Seriously? If it had been a "Vote GOP" sticker, and the man refused to wear it because he was a democrat and they fired him, we'd be in an uproar. Of course, finding someone in south GA who's a democrat *is* a stretch, I'll admit.

Unless, of course, it comes out in trial that this was simply the last product in a series of ragingly incompetent assclownery the man has produced over his career. Get out the popcorn, this is gonna be a good one.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if you're employing people in the South, you should understand how religion affects their life. I drove through a Native American reservation in Arizona or New Mexico on a road labelled 666. The state was in the process of renumbering the road. At the very least, it's kind of like the lack of a floor numbered 13 in hotels.

It sounds like that the guy's supervisors or the company itself are a bunch of douche bags. More then likely the guy's supervisor was from around there as well and knew what he was doing. They were probably looking for a reason to get rid of him.

If the company had a bunch of Hindus at it facility, forced them to stay and work overtime and only provided a meat product meal not allowing them to get their own food; wouldn't we have a problem with that? I'd have a problem with that. Where my wife works, there are a bunch of Indians. They make certain to provide vegan dishes for events. It's a basic human decency thing.

Someone should have pointed out though that if he's going to use the literal interpretation that they would have asked him to put it in his hand or forehead. Instead of agents of Satan, they were just a bunch of assholes.

Chez said...

You're right. We should indulge each person's individual delusion, his or her own particular brand of superstition -- especially if the person happens to have enough people around the country and the world who believe the same way (because, as you know, there's sanity in numbers).

I want Zeus's birthday off from now on, since I'm a firm believer in the gods of ancient Greece and live in fear of their wrath upon mankind.

TheReaperD said...

@Chez: Look on the bright side if we enforce everyone's religious beliefs. If we find a true believer in the Norse religion and he calls for the Wild Hunt on Grover Norquist, we'd be obligated to comply.

Anonymous said...

but Chez should you be fired for wearing your 'Zeus Is Lord" sticker? of course i'm not wearing my 'Hitler is my Hero' sticker (modesty).

Nathan said...

I call bullshit! If the guy was really that devoted to his religion, he would have cut his hand off on the 665th day to reset the "accident clock".

Fucking slacker.

pea said...

I'll bet dollars to donuts that this guy is one of those pain in the balls proselytizers who tries to witness folks every chance he gets. It could be they found a technicality they could use to avoid a civil rights lawsuit, but then I thought about the use of the stickers.

I can dig the psychology of making people so painfully aware of the no-accident track record that they become uber-cautious individually because they don't want to be the dick who sets the meter back to 1. I understand it's just a sticker, but caving to this guy's own cultish quirks sets an awful precedent. I'd like to know why he was suspended and then fired. That sounds like he gave them more cause than simple refusal to wear the sticker.

Anonymouse said... way in hell this guy was fired for the reason he said he was. More likely he was fired for another reason all together and he got a lawyer who came up with this retarded claim. The company can't make any response (even if the truth was he got fired for sexually assaulting the break room microwave).

What will happen is that this company, no matter what this idiot did actually do to get fired, will cut this ass a check just to get rid of the clown and the court costs.

At least the retard is going to lose any money he gets from his old employer to his scumbag lawyer.

(All that said, if this company did actually fire this dude for what he claims, they are bigger morons than him and should lose their shirts).

Anonymous said...

"mark of the beast"? shut up stupid!

Steven D Skelton said...

I am with the general consensus that there is no way in hell this is why that guy was fired. you I sometimes find it hard to see past the stupidity in the world. I look at a pain in the ass brawndo drinker like that guy and think to myself that whatever side he is on, I'm on the other. That said, of course not wearing a sticker for one day is a reasonable accomodation that one shouldn't be fired for. Even if he was the only believer in that religion.

And if you ever end up working for me, I'll take Zeus day off with you. We'll start of company tradition of getting stinkin drunk and playing rock n roll in my basement in celebration.

Anonymous said...

His bible says he's not supposed to cut his hair or trim his beard, either. Wanna bet that shirt is a cotton-poly blend? I'm amazed at the support this asshat is getting here.