Friday, November 18, 2011

Stupid Crazy Herman Cain Thing of the Day

This, in which Herman Cain cries while discussing how his wife will hold the Bible at his inauguration which hasn't happened yet and, in fact, never will.

Remember that this is the man who titled his book (which he's never read because he's a leader, not a reader) My Journey To the White House and has already spoken about his post-presidency plans, which include a speaking tour and, of course, the establishment of the Herman Cain Presidential Library (which he'll never visit because he's a leader, not a reader).

Why do I get the feeling the Cain Library would be stacked to the ceiling with copies of the DSM IV and various other psychology texts?


Eric said...

Wait! Holy shit! I just figured it out:

Herman Cain is the Underpants Gnome candidate for President.

ntx said...

Quite the 24-hour cycle for Herman. Now he's suggesting that the Taliban are all over Libya.

Villemar said...

He was a guest on Letterman. Dave earned his paycheck tonight. What a half-wit.

Claude Weaver said...

Sounds like one of those kids who took that whole "If you can believe it, you can achieve it" school programs WAY too seriously.

pea said...

Cain's not a half-wit. He's not even a quarter-wit.