Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Say Anything

It almost seems a waste to point out hypocrisy on the right these days. It's like complaining that water is wet or that the Kardashians are money-grubbing whores (that includes national hero-turned national embarrassment Bruce Jenner, by the way).

Still, even shooting at clay pigeons can be entertaining -- and last night Jon Stewart fired away and needless to say was dead-on with his aim. See the clip at the bottom.

And then there's this: Oliver Willis pointing out the general hypocrisy of conservatives losing their collective shit over the ongoing advancement of the Cain scandal:

"It is sort of hilarious to watch the same people who quite literally caused a constitutional crisis over half-baked allegations against Bill Clinton now insist that not only is Herman Cain innocent of the charges against him, but in fact that the very concept of sexual harassment is suspect. Even better, they get to play the race card they’ve bitched and moaned so much about in the most disingenuous way ever."

Like I said, clay pigeons. But it's still fun to watch them explode into dust when you hit them.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the current Drudge headline, presented in the thick of a narrative of voters rejecting the most egregious of Republican stupidity today?

"Obama's Christmas Tree Tax."

Do the Drudge readers really think that the President personally signs off on every minor department of agriculture program? And that's the best he could come up with to distract from Ohio, Mississippi and Arizona? Maybe the right wing noise machine really is running on fumes.

Izar Talon said...

I always love how Fox News proudly proclaims itself the number one most watched news channel, and then in the same breath turns around and talks about the "mainstream media" as if they themselves are somehow excluded from that group... even though they are the most watched television media outlet.

How does that make any sense at all?

QuickBrownFox said...


PS: no Google+ sharing available? I'm trying to ditch Facebook...

IrishGirl said...

LOL, I posted about that the other day....its classic IOKIYAR

There's so many examples it's just ridiculous.

Steven D Skelton said...

That same hypocrisy Willis bemoans exists in exactly the opposite fashion as well.

The same people who crashed down on Clarence Thomas gave Bill Clinton a complete pass....

blah blah fucking blah.

It seems that just about everyone is willing to throw the entirety of their beliefs out the window depending on whether or not there is a fucking "D" or a fucking "R" in front the subjects name.

I'm in a really bad mood today, so I say they can all go fuck themselves.