Friday, November 25, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I'm not looking to put money in people's pockets. That's the other party."

-- Mitt Romney

This comment came at a town hall event in Iowa a couple of days ago. A member of the audience pointed out that Romney's economic plan offers huge corporate and estate tax cuts but does little to help the average person. "It doesn't put any money in my pocket," the man asked. "How will this help the middle class?" Romney, the guy who you'll remember once had trouble finding a bill in his wallet that wasn't a hundred, responded with the above gem.

By the way, the line wasn't taken out of context; Romney really said it and he really meant it, in that he draws a line between giving tax breaks to the "job creators" and genuinely helping out the people who need it most. The funny thing, though, is that even if it were taken out of context and everyone ran with the quote, using it to hang Romney in the eyes of the public, he would completely have it coming.


Because of this.


liquidlen said...


Sorry, I'm too pissed to be pithy.

Bob Lobaw said...

Just play str8 clips from the debates, townhalls, and wherever else the candidate pulls a turd from his backside, and calls it a gem.

This is the GOP specialty, and voters are not THAT stupid, we can see that yes, that is a turd.