Monday, November 14, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Yes it fucking does. If you see anyone -- even your own father -- raping a ten year old in the showers, the first thing you do is stop it yourself. You don't even call the cops right away. You clock the rapist in the head or drag the boy out of his clutches. I'm so sick of these excuses for the inexcusable. McQueary is as depraved as all the others who stood by and did nothing."

-- Andrew Sullivan on the assertion by some that Mike McQueary's reaction to walking in on Jerry Sandusky as he raped a young boy doesn't seem so strange when you consider that Sandusky was like a relative of his, hence why he ran and told his father about it rather than stopping it cold

I'm probably going to be out of the mix for most of the day, but I think it's hugely important that we don't do the traditional "new week = new news cycle" thing with this story. Besides, the scandal is only going to get worse anyway. Much worse, I'm betting.


tsynnott said...

It is indeed going to get worse; worse for the university and for everybody associated with this horror. Another certainty is pushback against Paterno being 'scapegoated' when the failure to act vigorously should be attributed to his superiors. Well, the fastest way to stop ALL talk of Paterno being scapegoated is to propose a thought experiment, one that reliably takes you into the mind of JoePA. McQueary reports to Paterno, "Joe, I saw Coach Sandusky in the shower room yesterday. He was naked and he appeared to be having inappropriate physical contact with your grandson."

Marsupialus said...

Yes, Andrew, if people only did the right thing all the time without weighing the outcomes of their actions before they acted. You know, like priests fucking little children and the Church protecting them -- all to save its own miserable hierarchical ass. It was just some little 10 year old boy. It wasn't their 10 year old boy (or grandson). It was just one little boy and there's so much more at stake. Careers. The institution. The Program. The University. It's easy to start rationalizing. I told Coach. That's enough. Isn't it? I did something. Coach will know what to do. You always trust the coach because Coach tells us what to do and how to act and how to be a man. Except when he doesn't.