Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quote of the Day

"So why is Paterno taking the biggest hit (other than Sandusky) from the public? Because Paterno is the man with the statue. He is the most admired and beloved -- and maybe feared -- person in the Penn State world. He is the man people entrust to set the standard for leadership and life conduct, and hold others to it. It's a role Paterno earned and embraced. With responsibility comes responsibility... Many others contributed to Paterno's 400-plus wins at Penn State, yet he got the statue. Many others contributed to a decade of freedom for a sex predator, yet Paterno will take much of the blame. That's how it goes."

-- Scott Ostler in a scathing piece in the San Francisco Chronicle on the immediate firing of Joe Paterno by the Penn State trustees

That really does just about sum it up, unfortunately.

By the way, at word of Paterno's firing, thousands of Penn State students swarmed the campus administration building at State College shouting, "We want Joe back!" Rocks and bottles were thrown. Windows were broken. A news van was overturned.

So to recap: The firing of Joe Paterno, a football coach, provokes a near-riot. A series of child rapes on the Penn State campus and the apparently criminal cover-up of it, not so much.

I get that our idols are our idols, but dammit.

Update: If this story turns out to be legit, Penn State's nightmare has just begun. You think Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier losing their jobs is a big deal? This is gonna be like a nuclear bomb detonated in the middle of Happy Valley. Holy hell.


Steven D Skelton said...

It's hard to pick out the most despicable character (other than Sandusky) in this mess....but my pick has to be Mike McQueary.

How in the world can a man walk in on a 10 year old boy being molested and not immediately take whatever steps necessary to remove the kid from the situation?

How in the fuck does he still have a job?

Anonymous said...

The message sent to 10 years of victims from the Penn State campus was clear, sad and terribly disturbing. I cannot imagine the additional pain that this must be causing them. Not that anyone cares, it appears.

VOTAR said...

Well if you can't pimp out a teenage boy in return for a fat donation, what is this country coming to?

Wait, what?

em said...

I'm not surprised at this. We live in a world where people use the terms "rape rape" to "define" rape and where people don't think rape exists within a marriage. So yeah. Who the fuck is sticking up for the kids who were abused?

Anonymous said...

Not that it's getting much attention but while the asshats were out trashing the campus and a news van there was also a candlelight vigil for the victims. So there's at least a few people at Penn who have their heads on straight.

Jadine said...

I can't understand why this McQueary asshole did not full body tackle Sandusky when he saw this happening. It's just fucking mind boggling. I'm a small woman and I would have went full out psyco on his ass if I had witnessed this. I will never understand how these guys live with themselves.

This whole situation is so very sad.

Chez said...

You're right about the vigil, Anon. It deserves to be covered. Doesn't diminish the abhorrent response of that crowd of fucking lunatics, but it's good to know it happened.

Steven D Skelton said...

The reaction of the students rallying around Paterno buttresses my argument that young people are fucking morons and we should never encourage them to vote.

Matt said...

Drunken, thoughtless, semi-riots at Penn State are nothing new. There is a mob mentality that floats under all the "school spirit" and shows up a couple times a year. Sometimes it's goalposts being carried through town. Once it was a girl flashing people from one of the high rise apartments in the Beaver avenue canyon. People kept gathering, fights broke out, streets were blocked, etc. These kids are living in kind of a bubble and tend to follow the herd. Doesn't make them any less wrong though.

Anonymous said...

You guys do know who the article is quoting right? Mark Madden is a fucking troll. He is a sports shock jock. He wasn't the only one who broke the story that early, only for some reason he is getting credit for it.

If you ever heard the man's radio show, you would realize he is basically the Pittsburgh sports version of Alex Jones. I'm not saying the investigation shouldn't be extensive and a lot of people need to be punished for this horrid case. But Madden makes most of his audience saying crazy shit all the time.

Chez said...

I certainly hope he's full of shit, but the scandal as it stands right now is awful.