Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"Video cameras are optional at ed boards and we decided not to pursue that option... the interview is at a newspaper, not a TV station."

-- J.D. Gordon, spokesman for the Herman Cain campaign, on why Cain refused to allow a scheduled interview with the Union Leader editorial board to be videotaped

Uh-huh. Now let's run that quote through the Bullshitron 2000 Universal Translator and see what we come up with.

"Mr. Cain is a blithering idiot who just embarrassed the crap out of himself in internet-era perpetuity by not being able to answer the most basic of foreign policy questions during a taped interview with a newspaper. So, since it's my job to keep him from poking himself in the face with his silverware and/or looking like the thoroughly unqualified amateur that he is, I thought it best to just keep him away from anything that can record him spouting desperate nonsense that sounds even more insane than the stuff they dubbed in for that Bad Lip Reading video on YouTube."

Not that it matters anyway. The Cain camp has now canceled the entire interview, claiming timing issues.

Another glowing PR victory for Toucan Stubs.


VOTAR said...

I'm with Rachel Maddow:


Anonymous said...

Herman Cain wishes all Americans a Happy hoops day.

pcBobby said...

The gift that keeps on giving. I love how the big ole eyes roll around in his head, licking his chops while he's just dying inside. This guy's not ready for prime time, day time, night time, any time, but you gotta love watching this meltdown. First, it was Michele, then Herman and next up, another dose of Newty.

Ref said...

It gets dumber, believe it or not. The paper he dodged is one of the most editorially conservative (and anti-intellectual) in the country.

60ft6in said...

Save Herman from himself! Put a cork on his fork! (from Steve Martin's "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels")