Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Jerry's Kids"

An alert reader sent me this link; it's to an effusively hagiographic profile of Jerry Sandusky for Sports Illustrated back in 1999. The piece is worth reading from start to finish because, given what we now know, it's both thoroughly disturbing and a treasure trove of gallows humor gold.

The "zingers" come fast and furious, but this is my personal favorite:

"Partly because of his Second Mile responsibilities, Sandusky turned down a prime head coaching opportunity, at Maryland in 1991, and his decision to retire at the end of this season (his last game will be the Dec. 28 Alamo Bowl against Texas A&M) was partly based on his wanting to get more involved in fund-raising and program development for the organization. 'Jerry has always been our heart and soul,' says Hank Lesch, Second Mile's vice president of development."

Yup. He wanted to get much more involved, apparently. And I guess we now have an idea what it is about Second Mile that would make him give up a head coaching job.

This, though, is probably the most inadvertently prescient line of all:

"Here's the best thing you can say about Jerry Sandusky: He's the main reason that Penn State is Linebacker U... and linebackers aren't even his enduring legacy."

I would say so.


Anonymous said...

And his autobiography is called "Touched".

Chez said...

So, so beautiful.

Jonathan Stover said...

Here's SI writer Jack McCallum's recent column/mea culpa about that 1999 Sports Illustrated article:

McCallum notes towards the end of the piece the following:

"Two things in particular haunt me. By the time I wrote the story, Sandusky's showering with a youngster had already triggered a campus investigation, albeit one that never became public. And the revelations in the "Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury Report" -- I recommend that to those of you who feel that Sandusky and Penn State officials are being railroaded fire up Mr. Google and read it -- reveal that some of Sandusky's worst behavior was going on right around this time. So I wrote a favorable story about a guy who was already a sexual predator."

Anonymous said...

Maybe just a coincidence, but still...

IrishGirl said...

Anon, I saw that little tidbit about the DA too and thought it very strange.

Also, I bet Maryland is so friggin relieved that Sandusky did not come there as head coach.

J. Dack said...

I get a lot of crap for trying to add a touch of humor/hyperbole to horrible real-life things like this. (I'd said they shouldn't fire JoePa from his job, they should fire him out of a canon into the ocean) because "you shouldn't make jokes."

But as Spiderman put it to the Punisher: "If I didn't laugh, I'd probably cry."