Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Hoo-Ha, Cherry Soda!"

As with Herman Cain, the words the BLR team put into Ron Paul's mouth don't really sound any crazier than the crap he actually says. And besides, he could release an ad just like this one and not lose a single one of his supporters -- they'd keep right on praising Dr. Paul as the savior come to rescue us all.

Still, that'd make such a great campaign slogan:

Ron Paul 2012: He'll Haunt Your Prostate


Ursula said...

I can’t decide what’s best: feces pudding, leprechaun farmer who’s a gambler, layers of LL Bean, or steamed croutons! But I do feel bad for Ramon. Poor bastard.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Keith Olbermann's attack on Bloomberg after the Zucotti Park eviction?

NoxiousNan said...

I've become quite the BLR fan. If you haven't checked it out, Michelle Bachmann's is hysterical.