Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Sacrilege

With the Occupy Wall Street protests spreading globally, the economy seeming to sink further and further into the toilet, and the Cavalcade of Clowns running for the GOP nomination currently taking up a lot of airtime and copy-space, you might not have remembered that the world's going to end in five days anyway.

Don't worry -- Pastor Harold Camping and his increasingly disillusioned flock haven't forgotten.

Beliefnet: Pastor Harold Camping Says The Rapture Begins October 21st/10.6.11


Anonymous said...

I thought the whole point of Revelations was that only God knows when the world's gonna go kabloo-ey. Not even Jesus is supposed to know. Kinda...presumptuous at best, insane at worst?

Either way, it's not gonna look good on Camping's 'Time on Earth' evaluation sheet.

QuadCityPat said...

I sort of have a different take on this. Is it wrong of me to wish that all of the pious douchebags get magically transported off the Earth? I mean really, the entire GOP field and 70 percent of Congress just- poof?

Might be all kinds of awesome for those of us LEFT BEHIND!


Anonymouse said...

Damnit...I just signed a lease at a new apartment I was supposed to move into on the 21st. Had I known he was going to correct "this" time, I would not have bothered.

Anonymous said...

yea. The Populist BS got us here, but it is the GOP being blamed...