Thursday, October 20, 2011

Speed Trap

I know that quite a few of you have complained about how slow the site's been running lately. I've had some problems myself, so I and my crack team of IT specialists -- meaning that they're all on crack -- have gone through and cleaned a few things up, and hopefully this should help us run a little smoother and a lot faster around here.

Thanks for your patience.


Riles said...

Better already. Please give the IT monkeys more crack. They deserve it.

lakelady said...

I don't know what ya did but it worked. I hadn't complained yet but I had been silently bitching abou it to myself. Kudos to the IT team and a muchas gracias too.

Chez said...

The issue was actually my fault. During the big DXM Fifth Birthday Jubilee a couple of months back I changed the settings on the main page so that it would accomodate more posts, since the pieces were generally long and were getting flushed off the page quickly. I never changed it back. There are now fewer posts up front.

CNNfan said...

No, dude. In my humble, computer god opinion, you may be using too many iframe tags, which is video embedding on steroids. Try switching to decaf — Embed videos using object tags.

Vermillion said...

What kind of rinky-dink operation is this? I expect this site to be running as smooth as baby's bottom, with no hiccups whatsoever. I dare say you act like you have more important things to do than entertain me personally.

See, this is what Herman Cain was talking about. You need to get your act together, mister. Get some bootstraps on this thing and pull 'em up.


Captain Splendid said...

Slicker 'n catshit on linoleum.

I second the crack pay raise.