Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quote of the Week

"I have trouble keeping lunch down when I read these jeremiads about how sad and mysterious it is that our institutions of government are failing. It’s not a mystery. One side wants them to fail. And there’s very little the other side can do about it, besides point it out, which the president has started doing — and now he’s the one being divisive! They’ve turned the world inside out."

-- Michael Tomasky in the Daily Beast

Steve Benen's addendum to Tomasky's piece is also required reading.

And these assholes have the nerve to wonder why people are taking to the streets -- and what's more, to demonize and denigrate them for doing so.


Seriously -- fucking guillotines.


vera lynn said...

I think I would prefer iron maidens along the Mall. just line them up from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. put them in and leave them for about 6 months or however long they did that in the Middle Ages. that's when they want to live and we want them gone so it works for both

Busayo said...

Guillotines are far too merciful at this point.

ntx said...

Guillotines are messy. There's the run-off problem to contend with, and the crowds they attract always mix up the trash with the recyclables.

Aislinn said...

I'd rather the rack. Or the stocks: clamp them down and have everyone who got fucked over last night throw rocks and rotting vegetables at them.

Marsupialus said...

The Dems had every opportunity to change the fillibuster when the new Congress came in and they do it. Yes, the Rethugs are obstructionist, frankly they're acting like foreign agents setting themselves against the government. But it could have been solved and it wasn't.

It's also not the way to get reelected Dems.

Anonymous said...

Marsupialus said it - I get pissed off thinking that the game is rigged to not do what's best for the people, to not do the job you were sent to Washington to do - it's to make sure your side has one up on the other side. Fuckers.