Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quote of the Day

"The awesome part is that the two life partners probably went back to the kitchen and yelled at someone because having some cartoony jackass dry hump a ham and bark out unrelated catch phrases for 15 minutes weirded them out."

-- Brendon at What Would Tyler Durden Do? on a story which claims that Food-Douche Guy Fieri lost it on his producers when they didn't warn him that he'd be interviewing two apparently gay restaurant owners, since gay people "weird him out"

If all of us are lucky, this will be the one and only time the tag "Guy Fieri" appears on this site.

But seriously, take one look at this Sammy-Hagar-meets-frat-boy jagoff. Did you really think he was gonna be anything other than scared to death of the gay?

Update: It's worth mentioning that a battle between Fieri, the notoriously volatile creator of his show and the suits at Food Network may have been what led to this allegation. Regardless, Brendon's line is pretty damn funny and describes Fieri perfectly.


TheReaperD said...

He should just save everybody the trouble now instead of later and come out of the closet... double down on the bet if he's republican.

jrm78 said...

To be honest, I thought it was a picture of pro wrestler Buff Bagwell from before the 'roids.

But yeah, it is a pretty flamboyant look he's sporting there.

Anonymous said...

it just kills me that such a good idea for a time wasting half hour of food porn is handed over to such a shitty host. He has no real skills as an interviewer, brings very little food knowledge and his catch phrase addiction is just annoying as hell. And now we know he's doesn't just play an idiot on TV, he's the real McCoy. Ugh.

Steven D Skelton said...

Fieri is of course the textbook definition of a douchebag, so I'm loathe to defend him...(although I watch his food porn show to get ideas for dishes.)


What is he really accused of? The horrible and shocking accusation is that he's weirded out by gay people and would like a heads up if he is about to interview them.

So fucking what!

He's not accused of mistreating anybody. Have we become so fucking hypersensitive as a society that we are all supposed to jump up and down and scream because Guy gets weirded out by gay people?

The singer of my band is gay, and she gets weirded out by gay people to the point where she doesn't want to play a lesbian bar. Is she a bad person?

You know what...I have two rental properties which are both rented out to gay people. The singer in my band is gay. I have all kinds of gay people in my life.....and my secretary lets me know when it's not just two guys in my office but instead a gay couple. Should society shun me for it?

I'm all for tolerance and acceptance, but if this the new standard then everyone can go fuck themselves.

Captain Splendid said...

Hey Chez,

I'm taking a break from your blog because there's no other site on the net quite as guaranteed to slow my browser down to a crawl.

In the time it takes to load your site (and free up my other tabs), I could have read an entire blog post.

So, still love you to bits, but your house smells horrible.

Chez said...

Not sure exactly why that is. I know I've had issues with Google Chrome and the site, but that's about it. I'd be curious to know if anyone else is having trouble and if so what could be suggested to correct the problem.

d-rap said...

I often have the same problem as the Captain describes, mostly from my home computer. It happened just this morning. Was in a bit of a hurry and finally had to close out.

BitterMary said...

While I wouldn't say that your house smells horrible, I will say that I have the same issue as Captain Splendid. Slowing-down-wise.

LK3 said...

To answer your question
I do use Google Chrome and have not experienced any issues. I had noticed those loading issues on firefox when I was using that but none since moving to google chrome.

TheReaperD said...

I'm not having any issues but, I am using Firefox with Adblock Plus and NoScript so none of the 3rd party crap loads. Looking at NoScript, no less than 11 sites have Javascript add-ons to your web site. I can't say for sure as I'm not going to analyze each add-on but, many of these Javascript add-ons are very bulky code wise and often very inefficient.

One of them that red flags for me is Microsoft scripts are optimized for Internet Exploder only and have been notorious for causing problems for Chrome in particular (strange, huh?).

Riles said...

I'm using FireFox with no blockers or anything, and the site does take quite awhile to load. Pajiba is worse though. It was fine until the Banter deal. Don't know if that's the cause, but that's when it started happening.

Stephen said...

I'm using chrome and as of the present it is not causing me any trouble with your site or gay people...but the night is young.

Nathan said...

Your site loads slow for me too. Sometimes when I navigate away, there are ghosts of your site hanging around (a picture still showing on the superimposed over the new page that won't go away until I refresh). I'm using Firefox if it matters.

Jadine said...

I agree with Skelton up there.

NoxiousNan said...

I would agree with Skelton as well...except I don't see anywhere in this post Fieri being accused of anything. His quote stands alone for the readers to make of it what they will.

Now if people the good citizens of this wackadoodle country are calling for his media execution, firings and so on, then yea, that is unreasonable.

But all I see him getting here is a well deserved mocking. What's wrong with that?

I get the slow loads too, fairly frequently but, it's probably for the best as it curtails my comments.

Nikkers said...

Site loads just fine for me...

In response to the other issue, it is stupid if you need to mentally prepare yourself to meet with gay people. And for those trying to defend it, change the word gay to disabled or black and then see if you would make the same argument. My guess is not. Takes a ballsy person to admit they need to be pre-warned they are meeting with a black couple, so they aren't 'weirded out'.

Vermillion said...

Wait, Guy Fieri ISN'T gay? I thought, with the name and the shirts and the hair, that he was taking the whole "Fire Island" thing way too seriously.

Jeez, man, what the hell? Mixed signals, much?

Okay, seriously though, from what I read, Fieri is indeed a douche. The only person who seemed to be overreacting in this situation is him.

And the idea that the chance of him (as a supposed food critic/host/whatthefuckever) encountering a homosexual person in the restaurant field (when I can randomly turn onto any cooking-related competition show and see some flamboyance in more than just those little flippy pan thingies with the high flames...again are we sure he's straight) were so low that HE NEEDED ADVANCE NOTICE is pretty damn laughable.

If you understood any of that, congrats. I am amazed, and honestly, could you send me a summary or paraphrase or something? I am pretty sure I insulted the Tang dynasty in there somehow.

smitmaul said...

Is the food good? Is it cooked to where it's safe to eat? Are the cook's hands clean? Is it what I ordered? That's all that matters; the sexual orientation of whoever doesn't matter worth a damn.