Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Survival isn’t just for those who, as Herman Cain puts it, can only 'blame yourselves' for not being rich. And death and disease are not just for those who, like Ron Paul, think that’s 'what freedom is all about — taking your own risks.' All the riches and 'freedom' in the world won’t save your ass if you don’t have access to the right treatment. And when effective medicine isn’t getting out there because the financial incentive isn’t compelling enough, it’s just plain sickening."

-- Mary Elizabeth Williams in Salon, on the difficulty some patients with life-threatening diseases are having finding drugs to treat them and how it pertains to her own current battle with metastatic melanoma

That other person I know and care about very much who's battling an aggressive form of cancer? The one besides my mom and the guy who's blogging, that I mentioned a couple of days ago? It's Mary Beth. I didn't want to say anything more simply because it's been a while since she made any of the details of what's going on with her public and it's not my place to talk about it if she's not talking about it. Suffice to say, though, she's still trying to kick this thing's ass -- and thankfully she has the help of the best cancer center in the world and, as she says, a radical clinical trial that not everyone has access to.

And anyone who claims that the market should dictate whether she -- or anyone's loved one -- should get the care she needs to survive can go fuck himself.

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IrishGirl said...

Exactly, Chez! Talk about death panels...the ephemeral Market, made up of faceless bureaucratic bean counters should not get to make those life and death decisions for us. Yet that is precisely what Ron Paul and the other Republican idjits want us to buy into. Profit is the worst motive that man has yet devised for anything having to do with the care of other people.

LK3 said...

As a health care professional and human being, I thank you.
Wishing healing, and a well life to all those you write about here - and continue to send prayers and hope...

CNNfan said...

Is it really true that "effective medicine isn’t getting out there because the financial incentive isn’t compelling enough" — to help good people like ⇒ Mary Beth ?

Mary Beth Williams said...

XOXO, you.

I was talking with one of my nurses this week about the drug shortages, and she mentioned how they've found themselves as health care providers investing in these treatments for their patients, and then having the drug companies pull them. Hello, evil.