Monday, October 17, 2011

Quote of the Day

"My home state of Texas and Israel share the experience of ‘civilized men and women thrown into new and harsh conditions, beset by enemies.'"

-- Rick Perry on President Obama's support of Palestinian statehood in the Jerusalem Post

Perry's quote cribs a line from historian T.R. Fehrenbach, but since Perry's neither scrupulous nor particularly bright it goes without saying that the reference was taken completely out of context.

Max Blumenthal digs up the original quote, which deals with Texas's systematic extermination of the Comanche Indians:

"The Texan’s attitudes, his inherent chauvinism and the seeds of his belligerence, sprouted from his conscious effort to take and hold his land. It was the reaction of essentially civilized men and women thrown into new and harsh conditions, beset by enemies they despised. The closest 20th-century counterpart is the State of Israel, born in blood in another primordial land."

I'm kind of thinking that would make a great bumper sticker: "Chauvanism. Belligerence. Texas."

By the way, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't attacking the President of the United States in a foreign publication the equivalent of treason? Don't I remember hearing Republicans drumbeat that kind of thing to death from 2001 to 2008? Oh forget it. Why bother.


Deacon Blue said...

It can't be treason when the president is a foreign-born, Muslim, fascist-socialist-communist-anarchist, freedom-hating grandma-killer

Tim McElwee said...

It's only OK if you're a Texan criticizing a non-Texan and/or non-Republican. We should call that Maines Law.

Matt said...

That picture seriously creeps me out. It's like he's about to tear out a kitten's soul or something.

David Davies said...

Steers, Queers, and really REALLY shitty politicians. Thanks Texas!