Thursday, October 06, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Thank God!"

-- Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown's response when it was mentioned that consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren didn't "take off her clothes" to pay for college

Brown's comment came while he was joking around with a DJ during a live call-in to a Boston radio station this morning. While I'm generally the first one to defend someone's right to make a stupid, even offensive public comment in the name of getting a laugh -- or really, just for the hell of it -- there's a caveat to that. You forfeit that right when you decide to become an elected official who ostensibly represents a large group of people who expect you to conduct yourself in a responsible manner most of the time, one befitting the respect your position commands.

In other words, Scott Brown isn't a stupid frat-boy anymore and he damn sure isn't a comic, obviously. Ergo, he shouldn't behave like either; he should conduct himself like a freaking United States Senator, and that means laying off the sexist cracks.

I never gave a crap that Brown posed for Cosmo 30 years ago -- the impetus for this morning's on-air bro-fest between him and the DJ -- but insulting Elizabeth Warren based on her looks is beneath him.

Well, it's beneath his standing -- it's apparently not really beneath him.

Stay classy, asshole.


Anonymous said...

Plus, Warren is adorable. In that Helen Mirren, GILF way.

Steven D Skelton said...

Hold on Chez.....

Didn't Warren fire the first shot here?

Brown came from a broken family and did what he had to do to get through college. Warren came off like a condescending bitch at the debate when she made reference to it. (btw...just imagine if the genders were reversed and it was a female politician with some cheesecake photos in her past)

Fuck her...if she's gonna fire that gun at him then she can sack up and take it when he dishes back.

However, I personally have always had a thing for the nerdy types....I hope a picture of her comes out. I bet she had a rockin' body under all those frumpy clothes she wore.

Ref said...

I think Warren will handle this just fine. She would have been laughed out of the race already if the roles were reversed. Brown has made light of it himself. Your point?

Web Dunce said...

This from the actual debate. The candidates were told that Brown paid for law school in part by posing nude for Cosmopolitan. Then the democratic candidates were asked how they paid for college.

“I kept my clothes on,” Warren said, again to laughter, before outlining her true blend of loans and work-study.

There was no "gun" fired at Brown. It was all done very jovially and in good humor.

Brown's a world class dick and I can't wait to see him lose handily to Warren.

Jody said...

Sorry Chez, but I must disagree with you on this one. Other than a Republican who was unexpectedly elected in an otherwise bastion of liberalism, I don't know much about the guy. That said, I have to agree with Steven. She did fire the first shot with the smart ass comment she made initially. If roles were reversed, he would have been hammered for that remark. The difference is, she is a female Democrat and it was laughed off. I know you are equally hard on the left and right on crap like this, but I think you missed the mark on this one. By the way, I agree that as an elected official he should be held to a higher standard. Unfortunately, I don't know of too many of today's politicians who can live up to that challenge.

Chez said...

Sorry, Jody and Steven, but nope. Equating the two comments is nonsense. Whether Warren would've faced criticism had she not been a "Democratic woman" is irrelevant; she didn't make a crack about his looks, only his judgment. That's a little cheap and kind of silly, but still fair game (and don't even get me started on the number of times that a Republican has tried to impugn someone's "character" by bringing up something he or she did in the past).

Scott, on the other hand, basically called her ugly -- and did it in the most dickhead frat-boyish kind of way, which, as I said, may sum him up perfectly but should still be beneath his standing as a United States Senator.

NotAnonymousAnymoreHappyChez? said...

Y'all are missing the big picture here. Getting Warren to run was a brilliant play by the DNC. No one, from either party, wants her to have any position of authority. The Obama presidency, for all its bluster, doesn't actually want to do the painful work of preventing another financial meltdown. That would piss too many people off. You can see this in how the federal government wants a settlement to basically limit the liability of entities like BOA who are on the books for billions and billions. Right now States want to sue, Private entities want to sue, and the federal government want to sue. The Obama presidency wants everyone to just take a pitance on what is owed (less than 1% of all liabilities) to get the markets flowing again, ignoring that the major criminal entities and the legal loopholes that allowed this to happened, go unpunished, forcing the average citizen to bankroll this whole mess.

So instead of forcing Warren into a position of authority, which again NO ONE wants, they brilliantly offered her the support to run for a senate seat. If she wins, everyone wins. The Dems get a seat they had no real goal of gaining, but more importantly, they sucker Warren into a position of total weakness. As a junior senator, she will get told to get in the back if the line and any attempt by her to address these issues get laughed at. If she loses, again, no real skin of the DNC backs, as they really weren't planning on getting the seat before, and it shoots any support for Warren's efforts as now she is unelectable. She is basically dirtying her image to try and win a seat and lose her credibility as an outsider. Basically by offering her this seat, the DNC has ensured that no matter what, Warren has been completely and utterly neutered as a threat to the banking industry.

Really a brilliant play at totally destroying a reformer.

But hey, lets just watch the media circus involving her campaign...that's the REAL story here...

Ref said...

"Junior senator?" Do you know how the Senate actually works (or...Doesn't?) these days? Warren will be the up front face and voice of a progressive insurgency in the Senate to call out the machine Republicans and their Blue Dog buddies. Since when have the Democrats made anyone toe the line. Warren has the guts and intellect to put anyone in their place.

NotAnonymousAnymoreHappyChez? said...

Ref, prior to getting anything voted on, it has to leave a specific committee. Those committee positions are determined by senority. So yeah...Warren is not going to be allowed to do a darn thing.

She can get all the TV time she wants, its not going to change how the federal government has worked since its inception. She will be allowed to piss and moan and make a scene, but when it comes to any actionable reform, she will quickly be isolated and neutered. This isn't new or unique. This is how Congress has always worked. New members are extremely limited from doing anything. Hell, she makes enough noise, they will start punishing her state. This has happened numerous times.

Is this not the understanding that everyone has of Congress?