Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I didn't realize I hated these bankers even more than these hippies. But it took the hippies to bring it out in me. I can't help hoping they upset a few of the bastards."

-- Andrew Sullivan, summing my position up just about perfectly


kanye said...

"I agree that Andy Sullivan has written many things over the years that, if judged blind-submission-writing-contest-style, are perfectly fine, and with which I concur. The problem I have with Andy and several other chastened-by-recent-history Conservatives is that, in writing about culture and/or politics, shearing content from context is virtually impossible.

Sullivan and many others, make their daily bread writing about politics and culture.


They are in the business of taking fierce positions and defending them aggressively.


But in the world of politics and policies, those opinions are not sofa-bound, five-finger-exercise. In the world of politics and policies, people play with live ammunition, and so however sincerely angry and articulate as these apostates are -- and I will gladly stipulate that Andy Sullivan is plenty of both -- the question people like me will keep demanding of them for the rest of their public lives is this:

'OK, well then where in the fuck have you been for the last 30 years?' "

-driftglass, summing up my position on Andrew Sullivan just about perfectly

Nick said...

what kanye said

namron said...

If I were a Christian I would respond like the father to the Prodigal Son: we do not care how Brother Andrew came to Christ or where he was before he got there. We care only that he made it.

kanye said...


While you and Andy may find yourselves attending services at the same church, don't ever for a second let yourself believe that the two of you are praying to the same god.

If you were a Christian, I mean. :)

Ref said...

Namron, I really think you're wrong. You may find yourself on the same side with him today, but he'll happily screw you over tomorrow.