Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"I love how this Canadian official, to disparage Amnesty, cites the criticisms of war zealot Christopher Hitchens."

-- Glenn Greenwald, tweeting a link to a story in Politico about a push by Amnesty International to have George W. Bush arrested

Greenwald cranks out a dozen or so of these kinds of tweets a day -- always smug and sarcastic, always dripping with prickish piety. Generally, they're not even worth the two seconds it takes to read them.

But when a pseudo-intellectual drama queen like Greenwald has the galactic balls to punch way above his weight class by attacking a Christopher Hitchens -- well that constitutes a moment of pure, lovely schadenfreude. First of all, the fact that Greenwald chooses to go after Hitchens while conveniently leaving out the other person cited in the article who takes issue with Amnesty -- that would be the brilliant Salman Rushdie -- shows his almost comical level of intellectual dishonesty. Second, there's nothing -- and I mean nothing -- I'd more enjoy seeing than Christopher Fucking Hitchens debating the insolent zilch that is Glenn Greenwald and ripping him to shreds.

By the way, I'd love to see George W. Bush and pretty much the rest of his administration hauled before the Hague, but I'm not arrogant enough to make my argument by denigrating a guy who's a hell of a lot smarter and more respected than I'll ever be.


Anonymous said...

Hitchens is great to a point, but he's no Bertrand Russell, and I don't know why so many people have their mouths wrapped around his dick. He was spectacularly wrong about the supporting Bush in war in Iraq and betrayed one of his best friends in his anti-Clinton hysteria, or maybe just to sell one of his books.

Anonymouse said...

Its not that its irritating that Greenwald went after Hitchens, its that Amnesty International is spending time going after Bush. Lets throw every death, American, Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani, Iranian, and any other poor fucker that got caught up in the over reaction the US did after 9-11. Throw in even the 3000 Americans that died on 9-11 and pretend its was some massive conspiracy by just Bush and Cheney to get oil or something. Even count all the people the government has executed in the US while the man was president. You know what?

He is a pussy. Algerians hack up more Berbers for playing music and drinking wine than the total deaths some people blame on Bush. If he was an African leader, say of the Congo, he would be celebrated for his restraint. Just compare how the Soviets bombed Chechnya into the fucking stone age and the US looks like fucking humanitarians.

Bush is a scumbag completely. But to act like he is the worst, most imperialistic asshole this country ever had shows a complete lack of understanding of the US-Mexican War. James Polk makes him look like fucking Gandhi.

Ducky said...

Christopher Hitchens doesn't usually drink, but when he does, he drinks so much it ruins your liver.

To me, Glenn Greenwald is the left's slightly more sane version of Glen Beck, and just as relevent.

Chris said...

Although I don't read most of what he writes (so maybe I'm missing something) I think Glenn Greenwald does a pretty good job. But yeah I'd love to see GG and CH debate the pros and cons of amnesty international.

And seriously Anonymouse, just because there are worse war criminals you think we should ignore the lesser ones? Torturers should be in prison. Bush should be in prison, period.

Personally I'm sick of the President being above the law and/or abusing executive power. Obama's not doing a whole lot better on this front...

Anonymous said...

By all means! Let's have Glenn Greenwald debate Christopher Hitchens! It would be thrilling to watch Greenwald clean up the floor with that pompous, war-worshipping windbag! And when it's over, perhaps you and Hitchen's can have the honor of eating the corn out of Greenwald's crap!

Perhaps Hitchen's can explain in somewhat greater detail his, "Defense of Perpetual War!" Although watching him defecate on Orwell's headstone will be more disturbing than entertaining. Every time he spits out a new screed, I'm reminded of a classic skit from "Absolutely Fabulous" when Patsy visits her ailing mother in a nursing home and proclaims after a long drag on a cigarette, "Oh, for god's sake, just die!"

Chez said...

Oh, Glenn. It's okay. You don't have to hide behind the anonymous ID. We're all friends here.

Just remember, you're important and people like you.

Matt Osborne said...

Chez, this post is the greatest thing you have ever written.