Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Pastor Is Prologue

Now it's a party:

"Quran burning pastor Terry Jones, last seen protesting Sharia law outside the White House and accidentally setting off his gun during a trip to Michigan, is getting ready to light up the presidential race. A press release from Jones’ Stand Up For America Now announced his bid for the White House on Wednesday."

This officially makes Jones the sanest person running for president as a Republican. How long before he becomes this week's frontrunner?

By the way, when abbreviated Jones's group spells SUFAN, which, in addition to being the name of a Chairman Mao-ordered crackdown on the ideologically impure in 1950s communist China, sounds an awful lot like an Arabic word -- maybe something related to Sufi Islam?

My God! Sharia law! They got to Pastor Terry!


corebela said...

Holy fuck I don't think any political news has ever made me laugh as this did!!! HAHAHAHA Amazing

CNNfan said...

SUFAN — Soviet Union Fan

Just kidding around. — Я всегда шучу вокруг.

cschack said...

Amusingly, this has no measurable effect on the crazy ratio among the republican candidates.

Bob Lobaw said...

Actually, Sufi is a sect that is especially gentle and loving, so of course, the more militant sects that were cultivated by British interference in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the house of Saud led to a massive cleansing of these more genteel sects of Islam.

bafreeman said...

Crazy ratio is the same, but the comedy quotient jumped. Terry Jones is basically a redneck Santorum, and I think Santorum's the most unintentionally funny pol since...Quayle?

Anonymous said...

I have a big old presidential campaign button that says:

"Stand Up For America"

The face on the button?

George Wallace