Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Listening Post

There's no denying that somewhere between A Beautiful Lie and This Is War, Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars developed a seriously inflated sense of self-worth. While the former was a damn good, relatively straightforward alt rock record, the latter album is full of angelic choral bombast and audacious themes and every promotional clip made from it has billed itself as an epic "short film" rather than a simple music video -- culminating in this 13-minute monstrosity.

Yeah, this thing is filled to the brim with artistic ambitions, Kubrickian pretensions and ostentatious shock value -- but there's no denying that it's sumptuously shot and at least it's doing something interesting with the video medium. Plus it succeeds in making the song seem quite a bit better than it is when you take away all the impressive visuals.

Here's the unedited version of Hurricane.


Anonymous said...

That guy is such a douche

Michele said...

That was bad. So, so bad. Jordan Catalano as a fallen soldier? Let's ignore the over-blown, tepid instrumentation and the ridiculous lyrics (this being the first 30stm song I've ever heard). Pseudo-pornographic BDSM imagery as cutting-edge? Really? They couldn't even be original enough to not go the misogynistic route with the imagery. Or invest in more interesting costumes than the Leg Avenue crap.

Twins and nudity and French? I can't decide if it's so bad as to be laughable and embarrassing for them, or just so bad. At least terrible art student crap is, for the most part, well-intentioned. Doesn't this bad purport itself to be artsy or...meta? All I know about them is what I've read here! Hell, Rhianna's new video is edgier and much more of a story - and artsy in a good way. Oh, the words coming out of my mouth...the things your blog makes me see and listen to!

It was nice of Trent Reznor to lend some credibility in the opening voice-over, there.

Now, I am embarrassed at myself for watching the whole thing (it was your fault, I give your opinion enough credit that I thought something good had to happen...) and need to go get myself punished. Anybody want to tie me up and force some headphones into my ears with that O'Reilly book being read on repeat?

Chez said...

So I'm sorry -- I didn't get that. Does that mean you liked it?