Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Listening Post

Nobody makes darkly sexy music like She Wants Revenge. Nobody. And this video, which is actually billed as a short film directed by the band's "Adam 12" Bravin, is the kind of thing guaranteed to make any heterosexual man audibly sigh at least three or four times.

It took strength I didn't know I had not to say, "Good God," out loud in the middle of the Moffitt Cancer Center waiting room as I watched this for the first time yesterday.

This is Take the World.


kanye said...

It's a six-minute perfume ad.

From the '80s.

pea said...

Yeah, it's a little too 80s-derivative for me. I liked it till he started singing, It's as if Peter Murphy was from Manchester.

Kyle said...

The song: meh. Whatever.

But God DAMN that video is sexy. No nudity; just eyes and smiles and playfully tousled hair. Yeah, I sighed.