Friday, October 07, 2011

Let Them Eat Shit

The backlash against Erin Burnett for the painfully smug derision she heaped on the Occupy Wall Street protesters continues with my besty, Jason Linkins at the Huffington Post.

"This is something I've banged on about before -- the signature failing of the media, in the way they've deigned to cover the massive unemployment crisis in America, is that they treat the people who are actually unemployed as abstract concepts. The norm that the media constantly, redundantly enforces is that the unemployment crisis is an event that solely threatens the re-election hopes of politicians, to whom they crave access.

No one craves access to poor people! So they remain in the background, where they can be easily abused. You see this play out when those who are allowed to be newsmakers depict the unemployed as lazy, shiftless and living off government largesse. You need only spend ten minutes on Google to uncover enough material fact to obliterate this notion so utterly that you can objectively state these charges are wrong with a clear journalistic conscience. But you have to be nominally invested in ordinary human beings to do that. It's the desire to serve ordinary Americans with the truth that pushes you onto that task. Without it, the 'unemployed are lazy' lie becomes just one more interesting point of view...

Ordinary Americans have found themselves dropped in a world of stark terms and desperate choices, and those who are lucky to be treading water or doing well are nevertheless just as likely to know someone very dear to them who are in the jaws of this crisis. Faced with this reality, what do you imagine actual people might do to try to cut through the veil and stop getting treated as abstractions? Well, for starters, they might take to the streets. The media is awash in confusion, even now, about what the Occupy Wall Street 'agenda' is, and what the demonstrators are 'demanding.' I'd say their demands begin with 'acknowledge our existence,' and move on to 'make a nominal investment to covering what is happening in our lives.'"

Oh, and here's what that anti-capitalist, liberal rag Forbes had to say in a piece called "Erin Burnett is Vapid, Occupy Wall Street Matters":

"The Erin coup de grace is when she lays into the unemployed software developer and sets him straight on the notion that the Wall Street bank bailouts cost America money. Her crack staff ran the numbers and they determined that taxpayers have made $10 billion to date and should ultimately make $20 billion. 'This was the big issue?,' she asks grinningly. 'Well, we [her staff] solved it!'

You hear that, America? This economy is rocking! Go home.

Erin Burnett was way too dismissive and condescending of these protesters. Who proclaimed that only people who live in caves and don’t use bank machines can show up to protest on Wall Street?

I love capitalism. It’s better than any other alternative system in the world. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many changes which can be made to fix it."

By the way, if you're interested in seeing for yourself just how -- you know, there's really no better way to say it -- cunty Burnette came off during her report on OWS, go here.

Seriously, CNN should make her jobless. But of course it won't. In fact, it's probably loving every second of the attention.


Matt said...

I have to admit, physically, she is very attractive. But something tells me that having sex with her would be like sticking your dick in liquid nitrogen.

Anonymous said...

It is very hard these days not to think that people who take up journalism have one basic choice to make. Either a) report the truth and be stuck in a $40,000 a year beat reporter job for 30 years, or b) shill for rich and powerful and be a millionaire anchor/pundit/op ed writer by 34. I know there are several exceptions to this generalization, but it is hard not to feel this way when constantly reading/hearing tone deaf, elitist, BS being peddled as reporting.

Jim said...

Just watched her clip for the first time. Wow. I had no idea she was so dismissive and mocking. She should be kicked to the curb for that. Then she'll be free to go over to Fox where that kind of derision of the people whom it is her job to inform get's only accolades.

pea said...

She's not physically attractive. The ugly on the inside shows in the way she flicks her hair and purses her lips. And that singsong condescending tone? I wouldn't fuck her with Ashton Kutcher's dick.

CNNfan said...

After dethroning the King, the new queen of CNN launched with over 10% more total viewers! That's over a half a million people, and she skyrocketed to nearly 50% more viewers between ages 25 and 54.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Technical note:
"By the way, if you're interested in seeing for yourself just how -- you know, there's really no better way to say it -- cunty Burnette came off during her report on OWS, go here."

The link in question ("here") is blocked in Canada by the uploader, it says. Pity.

NotAnonymousAnymoreHappyChez? said...

Does she come off as bitchy? Yeah...but the lack of a clear goals or even an understanding of the underlying system that led to the fiasco by the protesters is insanely annoying in my mind.

Just to be clear, I'm putting this out there so that my views can be judged against my background. I am currently a 30 year old undergraduate student working on my last two semesters for a mech eng degree. I spent six years in the military, so the first fours years of my college was subsidized by the GI Bill (though I had to actually buy into it so its not like the GI Bill is free). Most of the kids I started in college with have already graduated by last year.

I get that it is a tough job market. Its brutally unfair that a lot of these kids (my friends) are lucky if they are allowed to move back into their parents homes. Most of them are thinking about grad school to get them more job prospects as right now, they have no hope with their poli-sci, English, Psychology, and music degrees.

I get that a lot of people are pissed and it seems like the "American Dream" is dead. But the American Dream was never that an individual could get a job with a BAF, in a terrible economy, with any prospect of realistically paying back $40K+ of student debt.

This country has a very FLAWED concept of higher education. We continue to hold on this notion that every degree is equal and that a degree is better by default than not having one. This simply is not true. Colleges proudly sell to parents and students that any student makes more money statistically than a one without a degree. The problem is, the stats are heavily manipulated. When compiling the stats, only technical degrees (such as mathematics, engineering, chemistry, physics, etc) are considered. Furthermore, if the degree holder is not in their field of study (say I end up with my engineering degree working as a waiter), then they are not included in the stats as well. So really what they are telling people is that folks getting paid as engineers, chemists, doctors, etc make more money than those without any higher education. Well fucking duh. But if you considered the typical fine art student with a bachelors degree, versus the high school student that immediately enters the workforce, without the crippling debt, the stats are completely opposite. And compounding it, students with degrees not worth the paper they are written on are told to take on even more debt, in the hope that a Masters will some how lead to better prospects...which is what pretty much every BFA holder is doing.

This education boondoggle is akin to the mortgage fiasco where the backed loans are encouraging people, with little hope of paying it off, to continue to dig themselves deeper and deeper into debt. And just like the housing crisis, when the education bubble bursts, all of us are going to be paying for it.

I have an extremely hard time feeling sorry for someone who honestly thought a Art History degree was worth the monetary commitment and no reform of the banking sector is going to change the reality that not everyone can get by doing just something they love.

Still though, the CNN chick really comes off like a cunt on that clip.

Jim said...

I'm beginning to think some of this dismissive and condescending non-coverage of OWS is kind of like the nervous laughter of a cartoon character right before a giant tiger pounces on them. "hehe, umm...nice kitty"

namron said...

To CNN fan: Please finish your skippy whip to Erin's picture before posting to this site.