Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Christian God is the one and only true living God, the creator of Heaven and the Universe! ... I love Jesus! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is the son of God! ... Jesus Christ is god, Barack Obama is the Antichrist!"

-- Anonymous heckler at last night's House of Blues fundraiser event in Los Angeles as President Obama was speaking

I'm too busy right now to be able to come up with a decent punchline -- and luckily with this I don't have to.

In the words of the kid from Animal House: "Thank you, God!"


Anonymous said...

Someone should've said "Fuck your Jesus."

-- Tony

TK said...

"Is that his jacket?"

For some reason that cracks me up. That's some poise right there.

Fucking looney tunes, man. What I'm most amazed by is that that crazypants dude paid to get in there just so he could make a complete and utter jackass out of himself.

CNNfan said...

How 'bout ... Heckler of the day

or... The heckler with Obama

or... Heckler is the AntiObama ???

Absolutely no offense intended by any of these jokes.

Anonymous said...

Why does 'Christian God' look like someone's full name?

Also, if the Antichrist is supposed to be the opposite of Jesus in all things, shouldn't the person be a woman?

Benoit from Ottawa said...

A small point of order: it is admitted by each of those three faiths that the God of one is the God of the other.

The worshipping, the revered main actors, etc., are different, but the God of the Jews, of the Christians and of the Moslems is the one and the same. Must burn some asses. Of course, most asses don't realise it...

(I use the capital G "god" out of respect. I myself think that Man makes God in his image all the time. Certainly not the reverse)

drater said...

I'm no religious scholar, but when Obama replied to the heckler with "Jesus Christ is Lord" without bursting into flames, didn't that prove he's not the antichrist? Glad that's settled, I was kind of wondering.

Anonymous said...

No drater. That is the glory of Christianity (I myself was raised Roman Catholic). Everything is basically permissible. Don't like something, join a slightly different version. No matter what the dark man in the white house does, he is a villain. Even claiming he believes in Jesus only serves to taint him as the anti-Christ because when it comes down to it, its not about policy...its color.

Anonymous said...