Thursday, September 01, 2011

Parenting for from Dummies

So Inara is sitting here watching Dora the Explorer -- of course, because that stuff is catnip for preschoolers -- and in this particular episode Dora travels to China.

While there, she learns that the Chinese kids apparently have their own version of Swiper the Fox who regularly torments them -- he's a weasel named Ying-Ying.

This is the most subversive thing I've ever seen on this show.

"So, the Chinese have created a cheap knock-off of Dora's intellectual property," I said to my daughter when I saw it.

She just stared at me -- then went back to singing the "We did it!" song.


ntx said...

In my experience, sarcasm and meta-commentary often fly right over the heads of pre-schoolers. On the other hand, farts are always funny.

Fungi said...

Does the "Backpack, backpack" song sound familiar? How David Lee Roth hasn't sued them, is beyond me. It's an exact rip-off of "Shyboy".

IrishGirl said...

Inara is trying to teach you something important. That is sometimes being snarky ruins the moment. Can't a little girl just have some fun?! ;)

CNNfan said...

Dora the Outsourcer

This is just a 笑話。 ≧°◡°≦