Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look Alive, Sunshine

This is actually very good news if it turns out to be true.

TV Newser: Soledad O'Brien Back To CNN Mornings?/9.15.11

I always believed that taking Soledad and Miles off mornings was a terrible idea. The problem was never the anchor team -- it was always the show itself. And it looks like CNN's going to correct that problem once and for all by separating its morning news into two distinct two-hour blocks, with Soledad anchoring the second.

Anchoring the first, according to the rumor mill?

Ashleigh Banfield.

Damn, and to think that I just republished my book and listed Banfield as working at ABC News in the "Where Are They Now" section of the new afterword. Things move fast in this business.

Anyway, glad to see both Soledad and Ash back in the anchor chair if this whole thing is really on the up-and-up. You go, girls.


Ursula said...

So is Kiran Chetry out? Lord, I hope so. I’m at my gym in the early hours. I’ll always watch the USA Network over anything else, because when I’m slogging through a 6 mile run something like L&O or Psych or White Collar is the only way to overcome treadmill boredom. But during the commercials I like to flip through to check out the news and CNN has always lost to other networks. Their morning show has been incredibly horrible (I like to attribute their slump with your departure Chez). It’s great to hear that Soledad will be back. I’m not familiar with Ashleigh, but I’m willing to give her a chance. Anyone is better than Mrs. Chetry and the rest of the morning clowns.

CNNfan said...

Unless they bring Soledad back, then even I may be able to do a better job at morning news as a CNNfan... Ahem! Here goes...

For all you apple juice drinkers out there, Dr. Ozz reports that since we import 60% our apples from overseas, the arsenic levels have approached dangerous levels.

Are global food corporations slowly poisoning you at the breakfast table? Stay tuned. We'll have a report, right after this brief commercial break from our global food corporation sponsors.

Just making light of an actual news report on
"Good Morning America"... Yet, I admit I like Dr Ozz,
and being a CNNfan anchor for a morning would be fun!

Anonymous said...

Ah allus believed thet takin' SolePaw an' Miles off mo'nin's was a terrible idea. Th' problem was nevah th' ancho' team -- it was allus th' show itse'f. An' it looks like CNN's a-gonna co'reck thet problem once an' fo' all by separeetin' its mo'nin' noos into two distinck two-hour blocks, wif SolePaw ancho'in' th' second, cuss it all t' tarnation.

Chez said...

How did you even type that, as high as you are?