Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Listening Post

Sorry, kiddies -- one more day of being incommunicado, unfortunately.

Something new from Manchester Orchestra to tide you over -- a song and video that helps to cement their Simple Math record as kind of modern-day alt version of Pink Floyd's The Wall.

This is Virgin.


Bill Orvis White said...

Why are you out today, Chez? Labor Day for you union-thug-lovers was on Monday - what a waste. I see there on the side of this lefty blog that you're looking for someone to hire you. Guess what? I'm here in Hattiesburg and yer welcome to come down and do some real man's work without the shackles of a union thug taking away yer honest day's pay. After a hard day's work, yer welcome to come over for Delores' beef brisket, mac 'n cheese, highly buttered corn on the cob and of course, Prayer and Pie (R). Also, I don't know why, but Kyle got on my machine and loaded this sissy iTunes program and brought in one of yer podcasts. You sound queer, but if you come down here, I can fix that. Roosevelt heard the podcast too and he wants to know why all the cursing? He says that you're trying to be funny like that Bill Cosby fella, but that Bill Cosby fella never cursed. If I spoke that way, my mama would shove Castille soap down my throat while my daddy would whup me with a studded rope. Well, I found out that iTunes isn't that Sissy 'cause I ordered me up some George Jones and even some KISS albums. I just love that Gene Simmons, a man who fights for the Hebrews. Amen.
Love, Bill

Nick said...

nice vid.

and how in the hell have i never run across bill white's wonderful post-modern irony before?

NoxiousNan said...

Chez, another awesome song, thanks. You've really cemented my reputation as a finder of great tunes, and I thank you once again (I've thanked you before).