Thursday, September 01, 2011

Listening Post: Dead Star Twilight

When I first made Dead Star Twilight available back in 2008, I put together a "soundtrack" for it on iTunes which featured a lot of the music referenced within the story as well as a few songs I just felt fit the overall mood of the book. In the end, my decision to add a multimedia component to the initial release wound up being one of my favorite things about it.

Since music is such an important part of my life, it makes sense that it would play an invaluable role in Dead Star Twilight -- and it does. So this time around, once again, I'm releasing a musical companion to the book that I think adds considerably to the experience of reading it. As I said, most of this material is mentioned in one way or another within the story itself. For those interested, it's all available at iTunes; I've provided a link to this playlist at the bottom of the page.

1. The Twilight Singers -- Martin Eden

2. Doves -- One of These Days

3. Underworld -- Pearl's Girl

4. Morphine -- Whisper

5. Moby -- My Weakness

6. A Perfect Circle -- A Stranger

7. U2 -- New York

8. Jeff Buckley -- Lover, You Should've Come Over

9. Beck -- Nobody's Fault But My Own

10. Jimmy Eat World -- Bleed American

11. P.J. Harvey -- We Float

12. Don Henley -- New York Minute

13. Deftones -- Change (In the House of Flies)

14. Simon & Garfunkel -- Scarborough Fair

15. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Rifles

16. Crazy Town w/Jay Gordon -- Black Cloud

17. David Gray -- My Oh My

18. Supreme Beings of Leisure -- Never the Same

19. Girls Against Boys -- Park Avenue

20. Poe -- Amazed

21. Patrick O'Hearn -- A Lovely Place To Be

22. Zero 7 -- Destiny

23. BT -- Love on Haight Street

24. A Tribe Called Quest -- Electric Relaxation

25. Sneaker Pimps -- Six Underground

26. Joni Mitchell -- Blue

27. The Crystal Method -- High Roller

28. Counting Crows -- A Long December

29. Elliott Smith -- Bottle Up and Explode!

30. Nine Inch Nails -- The Great Below

31. Kenna -- Hell Bent

32. Radiohead -- Lucky

33. R.E.M. -- Sweetness Follows

34. Pete Yorn -- Life on a Chain

35. Soundgarden -- Blow Up the Outside World

iTunes: Dead Star Twilight (Special Edition): The Soundtrack


Colombo said...

You realize there are probably a few too many tweens and sad middle aged women who are thoroughly confused by the lack of vampires, werewolves and gormless teenage girls in your book... well played sir, well played

Kevin Davis said...

BT - Love on Haight St... props, sir!