Thursday, September 01, 2011

Immunity Challenge

I'm fascinated (read: terrified) by stories depicting viral outbreaks that threaten to kill millions. I have been since I first read The Hot Zone.

I'm also a very big fan of Steven Soderbergh.

So you can imagine how interested I am in seeing Contagion, Soderbergh's upcoming hyper-realistic film that attempts to document what the complete breakdown of global society would look like if a virus suddenly burned through humanity like wildfire.

First the trailer, for those who haven't seen it:

And a really interesting interview with screenwriter Scott Z. Burns about what went into putting the story together:

In Contention: Contagion Screenwriter Scott Z. Burns/8.31.11

Make no mistake: This is going to be the scariest movie of the year.


B8ovin said...

Scariest of the year? YOU didn't take your grandchildren to see the new Smurfs movie. It was so smurfy it smurfed the smurf out me.

dick_gozinia said...

It looks like Gwyneth Paltrow dies. That's my kind of movie!

Marc McKenzie said...

Ever since reading THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, and later THE HOT ZONE, I've also been curious about the possibility of a third viral pandemic. It was also a topic that was also part of my Biology major studies in college.

And yes, the possibility of a major viral outbreak should be taken seriously.

Chez said...

Yeah, I mentioned on Twitter the other day that the more interviews with Gwyneth Paltrow I read -- and the more appearances she makes on Glee -- the more I think Se7en had a happy ending.

Steven D Skelton said...

The opening scene to The Stand will always stay with me. BOC's Dont Fear The Reaper playing as the camera pans off of all the dead bodies.

The rest of the movie that scene was great.

Chez said...

That actually was a great scene -- the only decent one in the entire 873-hour mini-series. What I like about this new movie is that the virus isn't at all man-made -- it's just nature cleaning house, which is much more terrifying.

Angela Lucier said...

I just recently watched the British series Survivors on netflix and it's along these same lines. A virus wipes out 99% of the worlds population and it looks at how society handles the aftermath. Good series. Too bad it was canceled after two seasons.

Emily said...

Chez, Hell yeah, me too. This is my favorite doomsday scenario for movies and books. "Everybody is dead except us", or, "Everybody except us has turned into a zombie." My kind of thriller. Can't wait to see it. -Emily

Anonymous said...

As much as I'm looking forward to this, and as much as I *love* the viral outbreak movies-

It's ironic that a far scarier prospect - Adam Sandler's new movie with him in drag - is attached to that video as ones to play next.