Monday, September 19, 2011

Fool Fighters

Dave Grohl is God.

That is all.

If you haven't seen this yet, prepare to have your day made.

The Huffington Post: Foo Fighters Stage Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protest/9.18.11


Nick said...

I walked into the the last 3rd of the song after work (on my way to pick-up Disney On Ice tickets) and the scene was pretty damn funny.

Not that I knew who was was shuckin' the Westies. But it was readily apparent they were being shucked and the simpletons were generally clueless of the band's abuse of them.

Sadly, self awareness plays little to no part in the church's strategy: they pretty much vid all their encounters and later edit to suit.

Mart said...

Met a guy last week and learned he is in a motorcycle club that acts as a shield between those evil fucks and our fallen soldiers funerals. How cool is that?

The experience has converted him to being anti-wars without a purpose. We got along surprisingly well considering our otherwise very different politics.

Jadine said...

That was just excellent on so many levels.

littlebitoffeisty said...

Man, I live in KC and missed this. But it was a busy ass week before hand...... Not that that's an excuse or anyghing.

Nick said...

That didn't take long.

Here's the Westies' response.