Monday, September 19, 2011

Assistant Quote of the Day

"I get the anger driving the protest — boy howdy! — but I don’t see any specific appeal to folks on Main Street yet, and I don’t see Main Street Americans responding. Anonymous, which has pushed this campaign to 'occupy Wall Street,' has no clear set of goals, preferring to think the crowd will magically produce a set of demands by consensus. The 'theory of change' seems to be (1) protest (2) ????? (3) change!"

-- Matt Osborne on this weekend's interesting but ultimately silly "Occupy Wall Street" rally, promoted largely by Anonymous

Obviously, at this point almost any show of organized, non-violent resistance has the potential to do some good. The problem is that "Occupy Wall Street" wasn't organized nearly enough. And for the record, you want to make a real statement? Try descending on Wall Street when it's not a Saturday and there are some, you know, actual people there. The overall idea was right -- it's just the execution and the platform given to certain self-defeating lunatics that was all wrong.


J. Dack said...

The /b/tards couldn't get their bosses to give 'em a week day off.

Anonymous said...

So you suggest these fucking morons go there during the week, presumably when Wall street is in session.

And do what, exactly? Do their beyond pathetic and lame drum circle bullshit at the entrance to the stock exchange?

Giant who cares? That won't even get 10 seconds on the news.

Try and invade/get inside the stock exchange like Michael Moore and Rage Against the Machine tried and failed to do nearly 20 years ago?

I care so little I almost passed out.

Again, that won't even get 10 seconds on the LOCAL news in NYC.