Monday, September 19, 2011

Assistant Quote of the Day, Jr.

"I always think to myself, 'Fire the first shot' ... Bring it on. We outnumber them in this country, and we have the guns... I’m not kidding."

-- Andrew Breitbart, speaking to Tea Partiers in Massachusetts last Friday

You know, I'd unleash a giant ration of outrage at the fact that the right continues its insatiable addiction to irresponsible, hyper-violent rhetoric even though that kind of thing has already had frightening consequences.

But this is Andrew Breitbart we're talking about. He's a blogger. He lives in fucking Los Angeles. He couldn't be less of a tough guy if he had peacock feathers sticking out of his ass and was sucking on a Hello Kitty pacifier coated with pure estrogen.

If you let Brietbart so much as hold a gun he'd shoot his own balls off.


byroniceye said...

What balls?

Mart said...

AB was one of the first and loudest to cry foul at the improperly truncated "union thugs" remarks about taking these Tea Party sob's out. (Of course Fox, Drudge and AB left out the part about taking them out at the voting booth.)

These clowns really believe this crap at the core; or is it all for the money? I would have a smidgen of respect for them if it was the later.

Ref said...

I'm so hoping he gets publicly slapped silly by an offended leftist someday soon. I also hope it happens very publicly, so that everyone will see his crying, whining, and desperate attempts to get away from the flying fingers of vengeance.

Anonymous said...

& the problem with that would be...

(Referring to him shooting off his own balls)

Seriously, a little less testosterone wopuld probably be a good thing right about now.

IrishGirl said...

I think AB is really starting to lose it. He sounds more like a paranoid schizophrenic than ever!

Bill Orvis White said...

...and he's right, Chez. There are more people who think like the honorable Mr. Breitbart in this once-free nation. It looks like you're picking a fight with a man of inegrity who is speaking for the Silent and Moral Majority in this once-free nation. If it's a fistfight you want, then I bet Mr. Breitbart would take you up on that offer. Sorry, but I would put my money on him. He's fired up because he's tired of being taxed to death like so many hard-working men in this once-free nation.

Anonymous said...

Bill Onanist White is Breibart's butt buddy.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Well, Breitbart sure knows how to shoot off his mouth!

Bill O. White, thanks for the continuing comedy.

You should Tweet, the Colbert people would love to follow you, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

"If you let Brietbart so much as hold a gun he'd shoot his own balls off."

Please, please, please someone give him this opporutunity.