Thursday, September 01, 2011

Assistant Quote of the Day

"This isn’t the first unprecedented Republican insult to the presidency under Barack Obama (but it is, by far, the worst), and it isn’t even the first time John Boehner has tried to make the President 'heel' with his datebook. It ought to be the last. Every American who has an appropriate respect for the office of the presidency should demand that John Boehner resign, and every legislator should amplify that demand. The problems facing this country are too great to be left in the hands of someone with such contempt for its highest office... The media, meanwhile, ought to abandon its fetish foe false objectivity, and recognize the facts. All parties agree the President gave the Speaker sufficient notice, and I cannot think of another president in history whom the media would suggest should have been preempted by a routine political debate, certainly not in a time of national crisis. The media is complicit in the insult through its failure to recognize this."

-- Mediaite's Tommy Christopher, in a piece called "Speaker John Boehner Should Resign For His Unprecedented Insult To The President"

Suffice it to say, Christopher nails it.


marilyn said...

I honestly hope that Boehner gets voted out when his term is up. That would REALLY give him something to cry about.

Eric said...

I'm not real happy that the Obama Administration did something as nakedly and blatantly political as trying to schedule a joint session address at the same time as the Republicans' televised circus. That having been said, Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution authorizes the President to "on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them" without asking Mr. Boehner's permission; whether a speech on jobs counts as an "extraordinary Occasion" being, of course, a matter of interpretation.

I'm not trying to equivocate: the Administration did something dumb and the Speaker did something dumb and possibly illegal. One of those is self-evidently worse than the other, I would think. But I don't think either of them look particularly good right now, and my eyes rolled when I heard the story on NPR this morning. The President could have avoided all this by letting the GOP have their freakshow that nobody cares about and picking a different date; Boehner's just being a dick and (let's face it) letting this thing get scheduled opposite the GOP debate would probably be doing his party an undeserved favor (especially if he could get the networks to preempt all of it except Jon Huntsman's fifteen minutes of airtime).

This whole thing is just stupid and this country is probably pretty much doomed because this is how our leaders spend their time, engaging in stupid pissing contests that don't mean anything. Sometimes I'm afraid we deserve what's probably coming to us.

Steven D Skelton said...

I planned on saying almost exactly what Eric said, but I won't because he said it much better than I can.

Well done.

I will add one point. How much of a national emergency can it be when the president is willing to promise that the speech wont interfere with the kickoff of the Packer game?

Tania said...

Boehner's a wanker, and I think Christopher is right.

I can't help wondering if Obama was just giving Boehner enough rope to hang himself - especially since, as Steven said above, he's happy to time his speech to avoid a game.

Marc McKenzie said...

@Eric: So that's it, huh? Just throw up our hands, bend over and kiss our asses goodbye?

Did you not read what this guy said?

And why are we still bitching about the schedule change? Are we forgetting something--that we are getting a speech about jobs? Something that we've been clamoring for, but have heard nothing from the GOP or any of their Presidential candidates?

We're getting a jobs speech from a President who's done quite a lot despite the obstacles thrown in his way....and all we're doing is bitching about the schedule change. And then, we fall back on the "Oh, we're all f**ked anyway" line.

Forest for the trees.

"The media is complicit in the insult through its failure to recognize this.""

Pretty accurate, but he should have added, "The Professional Left".

Eric said...

@Marc: d'ya think that'll work?! Because I'm about ready to try anything.