Friday, August 19, 2011

Warfare Is Hell

Every once in a while, The Daily Show illustrates something so flawlessly that the point it's making actually infuriates me. Watch every second of this, and then please tell me why twin guillotines haven't been erected directly outside the Fox News studios and at the corner of Wall and Broad.

The Huffington Post: Jon Stewart Takes on Fox News and "Class Warfare" Claims/8.19.11


Bill Orvis White said...

Those liberal clowns are misrepresenting the facts here. They think they're so clever by mocking those who are telling the truth. Clueless Hebrews like this Stewart fella are peddling misinformation to the moocher class who watch him. These moochers feel entitled to take whatever they want without earning a dime of WE THE PEOPLE's hard-earned dollar$. Not any one of Stewart's mindless sheep knows how to work hard, pay taxe$, pray to the Lord Almighty, show respect for life and a pro-business environment.

Matt Osborne said...

Oy. The samples nearer the end of the clip are just rife with Randian nonsense. At some point, "Atlas Shrugged" got inserted between Romans and Revelations.

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely brilliant. Jon Stewart is a goddamned National Treasure.

IrishGirl said...

I wrote about this same segment too....I find it humorous that the rich always forget the great unwashed outnumber them. By sheer weight of numbers, they are playing a dangerous "war" game of their own.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought the makers were all the blue-collar jobs that actually produced things and the takers were the white-collar ultra-rich jobs that did nothing but hack-and-slash blue-collar jobs for short-term gains and large personal bonuses.

warrenbishop said...

@IrishGirl: As long as the bottom 99% are continually distracted by things like gay marriage, 'the attack on Christmas', Acorn, The New Black Panthers etc. etc. the top 1% have absolutely nothing to worry about.

I'm really not sure if or when we'll ever see a breaking point. Sad to say that since the late 1960's Americans have become incredibly passive.