Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Temp Pest

This is why David Thorne is my hero.

Happy Place: What Office Complaints Look Like When You Have the World's Most Brilliantly Obnoxious Coworker/8.23.11

Seriously, this stuff makes Tim's torture of Gareth on the British version of The Office look like a company picnic.

More hysterically merciless misanthropy from Thorne can be found here.


Jadine said...

I read this one through yesterday. I love Thorne's humour.

nancym said...

I love this guy so much. And there should be a standing order to deface Nickelback posters wherever they are found.

FabMax said...

As much as I like Thorne's humour when dealing with people who seem to deserve it. But this is mobbing.

He is going to far, always picking on the same guy (who seems to be graced with some kind of divine patience). I'd have ambushed Thorne in a dark corner and beat him to pulp by now. He seems to be a typical bully and deserves everything bad that happens to him. (Early onset of Alzheimer's would be a fitting fate.)

Then again, it all could be fake.

But if the entries on his website are fake, they stop being funny.

Tania said...

This is funny to start with, but after a while I feel bad for his victim. Who may be very annoying to work with, I don't know. But Thorne is just so relentless.

On the other hand, I love his treatment of the neighbour with the party announcement. The guy sends a brightly-coloured childish not-actually-an-invite, warning of a possibly loud/late party, to be held on a Sunday? He needs to die.

ntx said...

David Thorne is a shaft of darkness penetrating an otherwise cloudy sky. He's great!

NoxiousNan said...

Brillian description ntx! I'm glad I don't work with him, but I can't get enough of his stuff.